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Focusing on commercializing the case for a closed fuel cycle, CURIO is going to CLOSE THE CYCLE with NuCycle, to the production of proliferation hardened plutonium-fueled reactors and alternate fuel based molten salt reactors, we envision a future where the USA leads the world in decarbonization.


The 850 metric tons of transuranic based isotopes accumulating annually in the American spent nuclear fuel represents the energy equivalency of 1% of the global capacity of natural gas reserves. With enormous potential for fast reactor breeding, UNLIMITED energy awaits.


With the aim of producing energy at a 90% capacity factor, an advance reactor can generate 7.88 billion kWh of annual electricity in an advanced 1 GWe reactor.
Coupling that with process heat and other next-gen applications; and the future of nuclear energy production is bright indeed.


CURIO offers innovative solutions addressing the main challenges in the nuclear sector.
With NuCycle, CURIO is committed to sustaining existing nuclear infrastructure and facilities, investing resources to keep reactors online and humming along.